Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Mamaroneck, NY

Even though I lived in NYC for 15 years, I almost missed this historic landmark, which dates back to 1919! Thanks to my friend Rachel, who lives ten minutes away from there, I got to taste their unique hot dogs before I moved to LA. She insisted I try it.

Walter's looks like a pagoda, but the food is All-American dogs. Some kind of pork or veal blend, almost like a wurst, split down the middle and grilled in a "secret" sauce (tastes pretty buttery to me). The bun is toasted to perfection and it's topped with homemade mustard. I only ate two but could have wolfed down like five. Rachel kept me in check.

That's Rachel there, holding my dog Scooter, and her daughter Emma. Rachel needs to keep me in check. While we stood in the legendarily long line (we waited about 30 minutes), Scooter started sniffing up a guy's shorts. Not thinking about the fact that Emma and her sister Bridget were standing there, I asked him if he had a hot dog in his pants. Oops!

After you get your food (I highly recommend the curly fries), you sit at picnic tables as children run amok around you.

I love Walter's. It's suburban goodness!

Walter's hot dogs: ***
Curly fries: ****
Overall vibe: ****

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