Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vicious Dogs

North Hollywood

I found my new favorite hot dog stand in LA! Vicious Dogs on Lankershim Blvd.

I don't hang out in the Valley very often, but today I had a meeting in Burbank at 11 am. I'd heard of Vicious Dogs and was dying to try it. So I Google-mapped it while waiting for my meeting to start, and it was only 9 minutes away! Can I get an Amen?!

Now, I was supposed to meet my childhood friend Holli in Tarzana for lunch at 1. After my meeting I had some time to kill so I snuck right on over to Vicious Dogs. Hey, Holli was on a juice cleanse so we weren't really gonna "eat" anyway, right?

The menu board was huge and had really original ingredient combinations (there's another board with even more choices).

Overwhelmed and salivating, I asked the young lass behind the counter for her suggestion, if I was only to sample one dog (I had to pretend to eat lunch again with Holli in like 20 minutes). The lass told me to get a Classic, which is a Kielbasa with grilled peppers, onions and pineapple in a sweet chili glaze...

I must say, this dog was OUTSTANDING. Sometimes pepper toppings overtake sausages but this sweet and spicy concoction was the perfect compliment to the juicy grilled Kielbasa. I'd go back to Vicious just for this dog. Like a hundred times.

Actually, I can't wait to go back! There are so many more to try and so many traffic jams standing in my way! I gotta schedule some more meetings in the Valley just so I can go over to Vicious. Or just befriend people who live near there and use them for their proximity to Vicious Dogs.

BTW, the owner Willie Fedail is awesome...anyone who cares this much about hot dogs and does them justice like this is my hero...

PS I came clean with Holli and told her I went to Vicious Dogs before I met her. She was very understanding...

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